Has anyone else read about this self-seeded "spaaaaaaaace" plankton? Pretty amazing, seems to take the whole terrestrial-extremophile-shows-the-viability-of-life-in-unEarth-like-conditions analogy to the next level and also may lend weight to any panspermia arguments, though admittedly I am no biologist, let alone exobiologist.

"It's not quite extraterrestrial life, but scientists have discovered sea plankton growing in space. Russian space officials have confirmed traces of plankton and other micro-organisms were found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS), and it appears they've been living there for years. Russian astronaut Olek Artemyev and Alexander Skvortsov made the discovery after a routine spacewalk around the ISS, during which they took samples from illuminators on its surface, Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported overnight. " High-precision equipment later revealed the presence of micro-organisms on the wipes. Space officials claimed the plankton were not carried there at launch, but are thought to have been blown over by air currents on Earth."

If nothing else, it could spawn a whole new genre of films, "Giant Killer Plankton Originally From Earth But Mutated In Spaaaace"... "Gravity; Or How Sandra Bullock Learned To Love Cleaning Plankton Off The Exterior Of The ISS".